About MHT Housing

Our Past, Present, & Future

Back in 1989, Timothy A. Fox saw a bumper sticker in the office of a fellow Detroit-area developer: “The Next Best Thing – Tax Credits.” In short order, Mr. Fox looked into this new program of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) from the federal government. The tax credit program was created by the Tax Reform Act of 1986 to permit investors in affordable housing corporations, banks, and individuals to claim a credit against their tax liability. It incentivized investment in the creation of affordable housing. To Tim Fox, this would benefit developers like him as well as low-income citizens. In 1990 he purchased Glendale Buena Vista Apartments in Highland Park, which had fallen into disrepair. Improving this property and the lives of the people who would live there inspired the foundation of MHT Housing, Inc.

Improving the lives of its residents is what motivates MHT’s pursuit of excellence in everything that the company does.

Today, under the guidance of Van Fox, Tim’s son, MHT Housing is the largest developer of low-income housing in Michigan and is growing into other states. MHT’s mission is to provide high-quality housing for low-income families and seniors in Michigan, and to reverse the history of neglect in many urban areas.

New construction is a major focus of MHT, utilizing the newest technologies to assure that every unit in a building meets green standards. Every feature of MHT’s new construction is designed from the ground up to be visually aesthetic, functional, and energy efficient. The properties are built to appeal to all residents and allow for management to maintain the site in new condition throughout its existence.


The MHT Story

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Who We Are

The Leadership Team

Tim Fox - Chief Operating Officer

T. Van Fox - President

Christopher Bric - Executive Vice President

Brian Gallaher - Chief Financial Officer

Aimee Vito - Vice President

James Gromer - General Counsel

Brian Butchart - Associate General Counsel

Mike O’Dell - Director of Construction

Chad Joseph - Director of Development

Bill Zaronty - Director of Asset Mgt. & Development

Donna McMillan - Director of Multifamily Preservation

Bill Zarotny - Director of Asset Management

Peter Tallerico - Tax Credit & Brokerage Associate

Jen Liddell - Marketing & Development Project Manager

Katie Thoits - Marketing & Development Project Manager

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